Need a cat to promote your business or product? Sirius Black is here to help! Sirius Black has been hired to moewdel (model) for various products, businesses, and events! Due to his adventurous and super smarts he is not shy in new places. He also knows sit, stay, paw, and beg. Plus he’s super handsome. Here are some of his stints.

Black Hole Litter Mat – WE LOVE this thing! Sirius Black has a nasty habit of kicking out buckets of litter every time he uses the box. Black Hole sponsored Sirius Black to tell everyone how awesome this product is!

Proplan Cat & Adventure Cats – Sirius Black helped spread the word about National Take Your Cat on an Adventure day which now falls on June 15th! He is always happy to show that cats can be just as fun as dogs!

Thin Ice – a local business in Buffalo selling amazing local artists. Sirius Black has promoted several events and products for Thin Ice, including their 10yr anniversary! They do online orders as well!

Lumpy Buttons makes these amazing pet ties! They also make exquisite stuffed felt animals, finger puppets, pins, human ties, and much more! Check them out at Lumpy Buttons.

We LOVE the Litter-Robot! We have two and would never have another litterbox. We have helped them advertise their great product. It makes owning cats MUCH more enjoyable. Your house will never smell like cat! You can get $25.00 off by going here.