Sirius Black the Adventure Cat. Savannah cat. Black cat. Pisces. Fearless feline that enjoys rolling in dirt, swimming in swamps, climbing trees, slinking through grass, visiting coffee shops, performing tricks, sunning in window perches, and just being handsome.

What is a savannah cat? A savannah is a cross between an African serval (it looks like a mini cheetah) and a domestic cat. Sirius Black is 5 generations removed from his wild ancestor, but it still gives him that panther-like appearance! Sometimes these cats get a bad rap – Sirius Black is out to prove that rap wrong!

It’s hard to say what Sirius/Siri/SB/Stinks/Bagheeri (various nicknames) enjoys most – he is a very happy cat! His favorite nature excursions are quiet ones. People approaching him on trail kind of freak him out. Yet he loves his walks in the city and greets everyone he meets with a head-bump. He loves to chase squirrels, stalk birds, and has yet to meet a dog that he hasn’t won over!

Sirius Black has 4 other feline housemates that are often featured in his ever popular Instagram – Merlin (domestic long hair rescue, age 14), Rasputin (domestic medium hair rescue, pirate kitty, age 12), Gandalf (seal lynx point Bengal, 11), and Weasley (brown spotted Bengal, age 10). He has always gotten along fabulously with his friends, even though he’s the ¬†youngest. Sometimes Merlin even joins him on his adventures as Merlin was his human’s first adventure cat!